10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Shelter Dogs – Adopt A Rescue Dog

Are you thinking of making an addition to your family by adopting a dog? Making up your mind to adopt a shelter dog is a crucial decision that shouldn’t be rushed or dived into without the necessary information, as we discussed HERE.
Deciding to adopt a rescue dog can be very tasking and sturdy. To take into account, you have to be ready for anything it comes along with it. As it can be quite stressful at the initial stages, but you will adapt eventually as the reward of adopting a furry friend that wags its tail at you outweighs most of the hurdles it brings along.
Adopting a shelter dog will change your life in a lot of ways you never expected. Just like having a new baby would. Technically you are having a new baby as you will become a pet parent once you adopt a rescue dog.

As much as 3.3 million dogs enter shelters every year in the United States, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)


Although that number has gone down considerably, there are still millions of dogs in shelters waiting for a forever home.

Adopting a rescue dog is not as easy as taking candy from a baby, but there are definite reasons you should adopt a rescue dog.


Here are our top 15 reasons for adopting a shelter dog.


1. If you adopt, you will be saving more than one life. 

The biggest reason to adopt a rescue dog is that you will be saving a life and, most times, more than one life. As you adopt a dog, the freed up space will be put into good use of taking care of another dog to be saved. Viola! You have saved two lives.

2. Rescue Dogs are eager to follow your lead.

Sometime in 2016, a study carried out dubbed “Pet dogs vs. shelter dogs” appeared in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior. Researchers found that although pet dogs are better at following human pointing, shelter dogs “seem to be more socially driven to gaze and interact with humans.” Compared with pet dogs, they say it is likely due to the shelter dogs’ “generally limited and poor quality contact with humans.” With a rescue dog, you have a dog that’s waiting for you to lead while it follows your instructions and gesticulations.

3. Shelter Dogs are up to date on all their shots.


Shelter dogs are likely up to date on their shots than dogs from a breeder, depending on the shelter. They may already be vaccinated and microchipped (some shelters will charge a small fee for these services when you come for adoption); this means you can straight away start playing with your dog instead of booking a vet appointment.

4. Adopting from a shelter will save you money. 


Adopting a dog from a shelter is much less expensive than getting your dog from other sources. For as low as $9-$300, you can get a dog that’s already vaccinated, fixed, and micro-chipped! Ain’t that great?


5. You are fighting against puppy Mills. 


Puppy mills are mass breeding facilities that often treat dogs inhumanely to cut costs and maximize profit. 

Most of the puppies gotten from pet stores always come from pet mills, so by adopting from your local shelter, you support your community instead of making a profit for a cruel breeder.


6. Shelter dogs are massively loyal.


Many people are worried about connecting with a rescue dog, but rescue dogs have a lot of love to give.  The bond you have with a shelter dog will make a covalent bond jealous. These animals love and appreciate you for saving them. Rescue dogs are known for being very loyal no matter what happens.


7. Some are already trained at the shelter. 


Potty-training a dog is not an easy job, especially for a first-time dog owner. Bear it in mind that not all shelter dogs are house trained, but many are trained, making a shelter dog a good option for first-time dog owners or people who are not usually home for long hours. 

You will be saving yourself from the routine cleaning of messes left by your dog by adopting a rescue and saving around $300 charged by dog training schools. Win-Win situation. Right?


8. You can find almost any breed you want at a low price. 


Is your heart set on a specific breed? 

Usually, dog breeds have varying prices, but the amount for purebred is generally astronomical. On the flip side, shelter dogs come at a relatively low cost.


9. You are giving a deserving animal a second chance at life. 


To an extent, you have got to look at it beyond helping an animal in need. It’s excellent you are offering a rescue with the opportunity to find their voice to be themselves, which is an exciting thing to do – giving a second chance to an animal in a life where second chances are rare.

10. Shelter dogs keep you active and healthy. 


Generally, dogs need to be walked often. The majority of dog owners walk their dogs up to three times a day. Walking outdoors has some unexpected benefits; both you and your puppy are likely to feel happier and healthier, having gotten the exercise. In particular, rescue dogs might not have always had someone to care for them by walking them regularly. As a result, you’ll probably feel extra motivated to take them for a lengthier stroll more often.


Always have it in the back of your mind that adopting a dog is a huge commitment.
“More than 20 per cent of people who leave dogs in shelters adopted them from a shelter”, according to Nation Council on Pet Population Study and Policy.
Multiple studies have shown that a high percentage of the problem is that many people don’t know what they are getting into right from the start. Be 100 per cent sure that you have the time and energy to devote to a dog before adopting one.

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