Cleaning Your Dog’s Paws: How To Properly Disinfect Your Dog’s Paws Like A Pro

Cleaning your dog’s paws is very important. It’s not rocket science, so I’m going to go right on and assume we all know our dogs need to be groomed regularly. The question is, do you know cleaning and disinfecting your dog’s paws is part of grooming? It’s pretty natural for your dog to play in dirt or mud during routine walks and romps. Your dog’s feet are exposed to debris, wet ground, and dirt, which means you have to clean your dog’s paws regularly.

How To Disinfect Your Dog’s Paws Properly

Cleaning paws should be part of your dog grooming practice and in a continuously evolving world, cleaning a dog’s paws is no longer enough. You need to step up your grooming game by disinfecting your dog’s paws to keep off contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and other health risks that may harm your dog.

Everyone has an opinion when it comes down to cleaning a dog’s paws properly, but quite a few know how to clean and disinfect a dog’s paws properly. When you ask people how to clean a dog’s paws, lots of them will tell you to wipe your dog’s paws with towels. That method will go some way in getting dirt off your dog’s paws, but that will not be enough to get the job done correctly.

How do you clean and disinfect your dog’s paws? That’s what I will be talking about today, and you get to learn everything you need to know on how to disinfect your dog’s paws.

Cleaning Your Dog’s Paws: Why Is It So Important?

Well! Cleanliness can’t be overemphasized, hygiene is an essential factor for living things, and dogs are not excluded. It’s surprising how you remember to bathe and brush your dog but forget to clean and disinfect his paws.

It’s a no brainer that the paws are the dirtiest part of any dog, so cleaning your dog’s paws is a massive step towards having a cleaning household; your rug/carpet will thank you.

Apart from your rug/carpet thanking you, your dog’s health is another primary reason to clean his paws regularly. Some dogs develop cysts between their toes, which can make walking uncomfortable and painful for your dog, so cleaning and disinfecting your dog’s paws shouldn’t be optional but mandatory.

How to Disinfect Your Dog’s Paws

Bathing your dog with a mild dog shampoo should be your best option. Take note, and it causes irritation and skin dryness if you do it often. Also, to be realistic, nobody has the time to bathe their dog frequently.

Make Use Of a Waterproof Doormat

Dog lying down on a dog matGetting a waterproof dormant should be your first line of action against your dog’s dirty paws. Now, after getting it, you need to train your dog on how to use the doormat. Hiding a few treats under the mat should make the training easier.

The mat will absorb water without leaking it onto the floor. Clean the mat after a couple of days, depending on the amount of water it has absorbed.

Make Use Of Baby Wipes For Minor Cleanups

You need to make sure the wipes are dog-friendly; many wipes humans use contain alcohol and some fragrances that may be harmful to your dog’s health.
A washcloth soaked in warm water or a paper towel will get the job done for a low-cost approach.
For extra dirty paws, you can use a bit of dog shampoo on the washcloth.

Carefully Wash the Dirty Paws

Most times, debris or mud gets stuck between your dog’s toes, so taking your time to wash the paws meticulously is essential.

You can do that easily in the skin or the bathtub; it should easily be done for small dogs in the sink; however, you will need a tub and a sprayer for bigger dogs.

Although, there is a better option; a dog paw cleaner. Buying a dog paw cleaner can save you a whole lot of hassle.

When buying a dog paw cleaner, it’s better to look for a product with multiple silicone bristles. These bristles help loosen dirt and mud as you twist the dog’s paw in it. To get the best results, fill the cleaner with some amount of dog shampoo and clean water. It would help if you tried this out as long as your dog has no problem with you holding its paws.

I have taken my time to track down the best dog paw washers in the market. Take a look.

Our Recommended Best Dog Paw Cleaners:

  • Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner
  • Paw Plunger for Dogs
  • Dog Paw Cleaner
  • Dog Paw Cleaner & Pet Grooming Brush

Our Recommended Best Dog Shampoos:

  • Veterinary Formula Clinical Care
  • Pro Pet Works AllNatural Organic
  • Natural Dog Shampoo with colloidal Oatmeal
  • Wahl 4-In-1 Calming PetShampoo

Make Sure To Clean The Toes and Nails

I’m pretty sure you don’t want your dog to lick his paws after being exposed to any ice melt or road salt or mud and dirt. A lot of dogs are sensitive to these elements; some are allergic to them.

To clean the area, carefully turn your dog’s paw and gently wash between the pads. Make sure always to separate each of the dog’s paws to clean them properly.

When you are through, use a towel to pat dry, nobody wants wet paw prints all over their house.

How to Keep Your Dog’s Paws Clean Always

  • Trim Paw Hair Regularly

Trim the hair around your dog’s feet as long hair around your dog’s paws might catch and hold dirt. If you are not comfortable doing this, you can pay a dog groomer to get it done.

  • Buy Some Dog Shoes For Your Dog

Many people don’t know it, but dog shoes are a thing; they work impressively in keeping your dog’s feet dirt-free and safe. While buy dog shoes, make sure to buy ones that are durable and suitable for routine walks.

  • Take Care of Your Dog’s Paws

It’s essential to check your dog’s paws for cuts, bruises, and dried patches from time to time. Apply ointments or soothing balms to avoid cracked, rough, or peeling paw pads.


Alright. That sums up the guide on how to disinfect your dog’s paws. The reality is that no matter the number of precautions you take, your dog will still bring some dirt into the house, but with proper paw cleaning, the amount of dirt is drastically reduced.

Cleaning and disinfecting your dog’s paws is a small aspect of being a dog parent, but it’s a significant opportunity to bond with your doggo, and he will love you more, so clean those paws with pride and love; your dog appreciates you.

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